Art, Islam and Wisdom

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Art Islam

Art, Islam and Wisdom (Pdf)

Art, Islam and Wisdom is an art book created to display Islamic art. The first chapter displays art created by my self inspired by modern influences, the second chapter display’s Islamic Art in Armour and Weapons from the Islamic world including the weapons of the Prophet (saws). The final Chapter contains art relating to the Hilya of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), Quranic and Hadith Manuscripts as well some of the Prophets (saws) relics.

The work was done Feesabililah and insha allah will also be similarly available for download on Apple iBooks with added multimedia and Qasidah, the Pdf file here is the same as the one on iBooks.

(This Work has now been updated with additional Artworks).

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