The Mawlid of the Prophet Muhammad (saws)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This video is about the History of the Mawlid, it’s fiqh rulings and the acts of ibadah (acts of worship) one should do on this day.

The Mawlid of the Prophet (saws) is the Mawlid of Islam!

This is the first video i have created, i will insha Allah be making more periodically.


Ashura – 10th of Muharram

The Day of Great Signs of Allah’s Power and Glory

By Allama Muhammad Shahid Raza (M.A)

Head Imam, The Islamic Centre, Leicester

Ashura day is the 10th day or Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar). Since the beginning of this world, Ashura day has been a very important day. On this day great signs of Allah’s power and glory have appeared in the world. On this day many Prophets were born and they were instituted to the office of prophecy. On this day, Prophets, Saints and Sincere servants of Allah were blessed with miracles and spiritual powers.
On Ashura Day the following have taken place:

1. Repentance of Prophet Adam (Allah’s blessing be upon him) was accepted by Allah

2. The ship of Prophet Nuh (Noah) (Allah’s blessing be upon him) came to rest on a mountain called Al-Judi.

3. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Allah’s blessings be upon him) was born on this day.

4. He got the title Khalil-ullah (friend of Allah) on this day.

5. The fire in which Prophet Ibrahim (Allah’s blessings be upon him) was thrown by the kingNamrud become cool and means of safety for Prophet Ibrahim, by the order of Allah.

6. Allah delivered Prophet Ayub (Job) (Allah’s blessings be upon him) from distress and he was restored to prosperity.

7. By the Grace of Allah, Prophet Yunas (Jonah) (Allah’s blessings be upon him), after being swallowed by a huge fish (whale) for forty days, was casted out on the shore. Continue reading

8th Month in the Islamic Calendar : Shabaan

Shabaan is the 8th month of the Islamic calendar and the month in which the holy night of Shab-e-Baraat is celebrated.

Laylat al-Bara’ah – Night of Salvation 

The 15th night of Shabaan is a very blessed night. According to the Hadith  Shareef, the name of this Mubarak night is “Nisf Shabaan” which means 15th night of Shabaan. The reason for this special night to attain its name of Laylat al-Bara’ah, meaning the Night of Salvation, Seeking Freedom from Azaab and Calamity, is that in this night the Barkaat and acceptance of repentance may be accomplished. Laylat al-Baraa’ah in Persian, as well as in Urdu, is called Shab-e Bara’at.

It is the special night of seeking forgiveness and repenting to Almighty Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely settling the mind that one will never commits sins in the future. All the deeds that are against Shari’ah must be totally avoided so that our Du’a and Istighfaar, hopefully, will be accepted. Muslims should check themselves and A’la Hadrat, Imam Ahmad Rida Fadil e-Bareilly (radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) has given a beautiful advise in this regard. This great Imam said: “Verily the auspicious night of Shab-e-Bara’a is drawing near when the deeds of the slave will be presented to the  Almighty Allah. I humbly supplicate in the Darbar-e-Aqdas of the Almighty Allah that through the Wasila-e-Uzma of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) He forgives the sins and transgressions of all Muslims. Aameen. Continue reading

7th Month in the Islamic Calendar : Rajab

The month of in which Shab-e-Miraj falls.

The Blessed Month of Rajab, is the seventh month in the Islamic lunar calendar. Listed below are some key anniversaries and important dates of this blessed month.

The Virtues of the Blessed Month of Rajab

Hadrat Salman Farsi (Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) narrates that the Beloved Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala alayhi wa aalihi wa Sallam) of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) said that there is a day in the month of Rajab on which if a person fasts and does Qiyamul Lail (night vigil) on that night, he will receive rewards like a person who fasts for 100 years and does Qiyaamul Lail for nights of 100 years.This is the night of the 27th and the day of the 27th Rajab. This is the day on which Sayyadina Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (Salla Allahu ta’ala alayhi wa Sallam) was appointed to Messengerhood, (Ghuniyatut Talibeen, Tarteeb Shareef page 781).

Hadrat Salman (Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) narrates that the Beloved of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad (Salla Allahu ta’ala alayhi wa Sallam) said “O Salman,there is no Mumin (True Believer) and Muminah (Truly Believing Female) who performs 30 Rakaah in the month of Rajab and in each Raka’ah recites Surah Al Fatihah once, Surah Al-Ikhlas 3 times,and Sura Al Kafirun 3 times that Allah does forgive them their sins and bestows rewards upon them, as upon a person who has fasted a whole month. He becomes among those who will be steadfast in their salaat in the year which is to come. For him the deeds of the day is equal to that of the martyr. He will be raised with the Martyrs of the Battle of Badr. For him is written for the fast of each day, one year’s worship. His station is raised 1000 times higher.

If he fasts the entire month of Rajab and he performs this (Above) Salaat, Allah will give him salvation from the Hell Fire, make Waajib for him, His Paradise and bestow His Nearness upon him. Hadrat Jibreel (alaihi as-salaam) informed me “O Muhammad this is the sign between you & the Mushrikeen-Polytheists and the Munafiqin (Hypocrites) because the Munafiq does not perform this Salaat.”

Hadrat Salman (Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) says, I beseeched “O Rasoolallah tell me when and how shall I perform this Salaat (Prayer)” He said “O Salman, perform ten Rakaah on the first of it (month of Rajab) and in each Raka’h recite Surah Al-Fatihah once, Surah Al Ikhlas thrice and Surah Al Kafiroon thrice and after you do your Salaam (at the end of the Salat) raise your hands and say :

“There is no God but Allah,The One Who has no partners. To Him belongs all His kingdom and all the praise, Who created life and death and Who is Alive without Death. From His hands (only) good is done and Who has Power over everything. Dearest Allah, no one can stop what You bestow and no one can give what You prevent. There is no one who can profit us except You the August among all. ” Then spread your hands over your face.” In the middle of the month perform ten Rakaah and in each Rakaah recite Surah Al Fatihah once, Surah Al Ikhlas thrice, and Surah Al Kafiroon thrice and after you do your salaam (at the end of the Salaat) raise your hands towards the heavens and say :

There is no God but Allah, the One who has no partners. To Him belongs all His Kingdom and all the praise. Who created life and death and Who is Alive without Death. From His Hands (only) good is done and Who has Power over everything.The only God, Unique, Who has no needs . . . He has no wife and no children. Then spread your hands over your face. You perform this Salaat at the end of the month, ten Rakaah.In every Rakaah recite Surah Al Fatihah one, Surah Al Ikhlas thrice and Surah Al Kafiroon thrice. After you do your salaam, raise your hand towards the heaven and say : Continue reading

6th Month in the Islamic Calendar : Jumada al-Ukhra

Literal meaning : This month followed Jumâdal Ûla and occured towards the end of the season when water freeezes, thus it was named Jumâdal Ukhrâ.

No specific ibadât has been prescribed by the Shari’ah during this month. However, one should try to observe the fasts of Ayâm-e-Bîdh, which are the middle days of every lunar month.

Important dates and Anniversaries of Jumada al-Ukhra


3rd   –  Wissal ; Mawlana Abdul Halim Siddiqui

5th    –  Wissal ; Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, Turkey Continue reading