Baraka of The Quran


Science of Tafsir

An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an

→ Revelation And Scripture Before The Qur’an • The Qur’an, Hadith And Hadith Qudsi • Revelation And How It Came To The Prophet Muhammad • Beginning Of The Revelation

→ Memorisation And Oral Transmission • Transmission Of The Written Text • The Masahif Of The Companions • The Mushaf Of ‘uthman

→ The Qur’anic Script • Early Manuscripts • Old Manuscripts Of The Qur’an • The Qur’an In Print

→ Division Of The Text • Language And Vocabulary • Literary Forms And Style • Style Narrative In The Qur’an • Muhkamat And Mutashabihat

→ Makkan And Madinan Revelations • Asbab Al-nuzul • Al-nasikh Wa Al-mansukh • Variety Of Modes • The Various Readings

→ Tafsir, Its Kinds And Principles • Summary • Tafsir Bi’l-ra’y • Refferences • About the Author