Recitation of the Sahih Sita

The following links are for downloads of the audio recitation of the six major compilations of hadith, they are in real audio format, real player can be downloaded to listen to them, it can also be used to convert them to Mp3 which will improve the Audio quality vastly (@192 bit rate), its also best to download them via torrent as this will eliminate errors in downloading them which may not allow their conversion to Mp3.

Science of Hadith

The Compilation Of Hadith

~ The Compilation Of Hadith

  • The First Era – This era extended from the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah (sal-Allahu alayhe wa sallam) up until the first century Hijrah. In this period ahadeeth were gathered by memorisation, teaching and compilations.
  • The Second Era – The second period started from about half of the second century Hijrah. During this time a major group of the Successors (Tabeen) compiled earlier works into the form of books.
  • The Third Era – This period extended from about half of the second century Hijrah to the end of the fourth century Hijrah. During this period not only were the narrations gathered but the scholars formulated Sciences and methodologies regarding verification to preserve them, about which thousands of books have been written (more than 10023).
  • The Fourth Era – This period extends from the start of the fifth century up until today. Explanations, Exegesis, footnotes and translations of important books of hadeeth into other languages where written. More books developed on the sciences that have been mentioned as well as explanations and summaries of them where also compiled.