Books I Have Written

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These are Books which i have written:

Journals I Have Written

The Islamic Journal

This is a Journal i have written based on research conducted over the past 5 or so years for a book i’ve been writing about the meaning of the prophets (saws) instruction to “worship Allah as if we see him”.

Magazine’s I have Created

Madinah Islamic Magazine

This is a Magazine i have put together.

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Articles I Have Written

These are Articles I Have Written Or Compiled From Various Works

These are works we have taken from elsewhere and contributed to:

Islamic Books

Tafsir al Quran

Qualifications of a Mufasir: The Scholars who where qualified to write commentaries on the Quran (Tafsir) said it can only be done by those who have mastered nine fields of learning, they then have a right to undertake it. These are lexicography (lugha), the derivation of words (ishtiqaq), Arabic grammar (naḥw), Qur’an recitation (qiraʾa), biographies (siyar), Hadith (the narration’s of the prophet), the principles of jurisprudence (uṣul-i fiqh), the science of the legal rulings (ʿilm-i aḥkam, Fiqh), the science of transactions and interactions (muʿamalat), and some have added a tenth the science of bestowal (mawhiba), which is the science of Maarifa from Allah, “Be aware of Allah, and Allah Himself will teach you” (2:282).

To put that into a modern perspective what is meant by mastered is that you would require an equivalent of a Phd in each of these 10 fields to be Qualified to make a commentary (Tafsir) on the Quran. This Standard was established by Scholars who where at genius level in their IQ and intelligence and we can be certain what is also meant by mastered is they need to have memorised entire texts in each field of study, along with at least 100,000 narration’s in the science of Hadith, so they also need to have near perfect memory and recall.

The title Hujat al Islam (The Proof of Islam) is given to scholars who have memorised 300,000 Ahadith, that is the narrations along with their chains of transmission, each person in the chain constitutes a single account of that narration because in some cases the wording of a person earlier in the chain may differ than the wording of a latter person in the chain so this difference meant each narrator is taken as a separate narration, it was also studied and part of the science surrounding the Historicity of Islamic texts.

Hadith Collections – Critical Scholarly Editions

The Following Critical Editions of the Arabic Manuscripts, verified by The Sunnah Project can be downloaded;

General Collections

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Related Works



General Works

Works Prepared for This Site

These are Books which i have either compiled or scanned the original Pdf file and prepared a new file that is easier to read insha Allah.