Tama’ – Desire

The branches of disgrace spread out from nothing but the seed of tama’ (desire).

The branches of the tree of disgrace grow and spread from the seed of greed and desire which has taken root in the heart. Disgrace is always the consequence of greed and desire. When man’s heart desires wealth and fame, then for its acquisition he will certainly establish a relationship with people and direct his appeals to them. The acquisition of wealth or fame is not possible without collusion with others. His desire constrains him to flatter and beg others. This is a great disgrace. Tama’ is thus the root of all evil.

True respect lies in man’s heart being devoid of any relationship with anyone besides Allah. He remains independent from all. This treasure of true respect is acquired by the elimination of greed and the cultivation of the attribute of qanaa-at (contentment).

No evil has imprisoned you so much as suspicion.

This assertion is the proof for the earlier statement. Nothing is as effective as suspicion for imprisoning man in greed and desire. As a result of suspicion, man becomes ensnared in the net of desire. You imagine or suspect that a certain man will be a benefit to you. You, therefore, turn your gaze of desire to him expecting benefit from him. Or you imagine a particular trade, profession or occupation will be beneficial for you. Greed then induces you to become involved in that pursuit.

All the chains of relationship which are fettering man’s legs are the products of man’s imagination or suspicion. It is only Divine Power or the attention of the Ahlullah which can free man from these chains.

The nafs inclines greatly to imagination and remains very far from Haqaa-iq (Realities). As long as the nafs has not been purified, the elimination of this disease is difficult.

You are free from something in which you have lost hope and you are the slave of the object of your desire.

When desire and greed for an object arise in the heart, a strong relationship develops with it. The heart becomes enslaved to it. This enslavement brings in its wake a variety of difficulties. In the bid for its acquisition, man bears the indignity of many a disgrace.

If the heart despairs of all things, it attains freedom from them and achieves perpetual peace and comfort. It, therefore, does not behove a Muslim to disgrace himself in the pursuit of the lowly things of the world and to forget the a khirah.


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