Ghill – when the heart is bound to treachery or khiyana

Disease: Ghill (when the heart is bound to treachery or khiyana)

This disease is related to rancor/malice/anger/resentfullness. The root word is Ghul-aghlal-things that bind you.

Khadi’a is to betray/trick. Hiqd is resentful malice, is what holds ghill together. “Don’t put in our hearts ghill for the people who have imaan”. Ghill will kill our hearts. In Jannah Allah subhanahu wa t’ala removes ghill completely from the righteous people. One man who was fighting Sayiddna Ali during the battle of Camel came to him and apologised and Sayidna Ali (radhiallaahu anhu) told him not to worry for in Jannah Allah will remove ghill from our hearts.


Show goodness to that person. The nature of Ihsan is “The hearts are naturally inclined towards one who does good to them”. When you are good to a noble person, you possess him. When you are good to a lowly person he becomes more rebellious. The point is to do your part and the outcome is not in your hands. Someone wondered why Kuffar can live together peacefully and that is because shaytaan doesn’t bother with them. Shaytaan has despaired that he will be worshipped in the greater Arabian Peninsula but he hasn’t despaired of Fitna and putting ghill in believer’s hearts against each other. Remember that on Monday and Thursdays Allah subhanahu wa t’ala forgives people and the angels say that these two people don’t get along so Allah says “leave them till they rectify themselves”. Our sins aren’t forgiven if we have ghil for another person. All you have to do is be righteous on your end, and if the other person doesn’t respond that’s up to them.



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