Dhull and Dha’a – abasement or humiliation

Disease: Dhull and Dha’a (abasement or humiliation)

Wasita (the mean). The dangers of virtues is that virtues are means between two extremes (except for justice which only has an opposite). In this case the virtue is humility, when there is a ziada (excess) the result is arrogance. When there is a naqs (reduction), the result is dhull. Dhilla was part of an affliction given to Bani Israel for being disobedient. Allah afflicts people with dhilla for their sins. Many a Muslim country are in this state.

Many Muslims would lie, cheat, etc just to get a visa for this country. People can get afflicted with tribulation but bear it with dignity. “A believer does not abase himself” A hadith. Humility is not the same as humiliation. Dha’a is to be low. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said “Nothing raises itself except that Allah abases it” With Allah it is actually good to have dhull. We should be dhaleel infront of Allah subhanahu wa t’ala only and not His creation. Sh. Jilani saw all the doors of Allah crowded except that of humbleness. Be proud in front of a rich, arrogant, person. The noble things of this world, are the rich, humble person. And the Sunni who is a Shareef. When man becomes rich, he deems himself self sufficient, leading to transgressions. “To show arrogance in front of an arrogant person is part of Ibadah” The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).



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