Dhann – Bad opinion of others

Disease: Dhann

Bad opinion of others. Suspicion without facts to support your thoughts. The worst case is when you have a bad opinion of people who are outwardly righteous. Wasma-Waseema is a good face. Firasa is the ability of seeing the goodness/badness of a person through his/her face. Gheeba of the heart is a bad unfounded opinion against someone is actually written against you. Allah doesn’t take you for what just occurs to your heart, but He does take to account azm/a distinct decision made by the heart.

If the heart is convinced without any proof then it is written against you. “Beware of bad opinion because it is the most false of speech”. Some people have no daleel “I just know he is”. Nothing wrong with doubting someone. If it is based on something concrete. Shakk is Doubt I don’t know. Dhanni – to make a decision without proof.

What if you doubt someone?

If he is a fasiq (a fasiq is someone who commits major sins openly or minor sins consistently) don’t take the word of a fasiq at face value. Find out if what he says is true or not.

Don’t trust anyone with your deen, family, wealth unless you try them a thousand, thousand, times.

One of the poets said, if you have a good opinion of people, in these days (of corruption), then that is foolishness. Be cautious.

If the time is bad then it is incumbent upon Zakat distributors to check out people, who claim they deserve zakat. A bad opinion of a person, who has evidence is bad, is not a sin, its commonsense. If he makes tawbah, then don’t remind them of their past. That is wrong. “A good opinion of Allah subhanahu wa t’ala and a good opinion of His slaves, are two things a believer is given”. No servant was ever harmed by having a good opinion. People are innocent until proven guilty. “I am in the opinion of my servants, so if he thinks good of me, he finds good, and if he thinks bad he finds bad”.If you are a true Mu’umin then everything will be good for you.



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