Antipathy towards Death

Disease: Antipathy towards Death

It’s when one flees from death, and hates for it to be mentioned, as if he doesn’t recall Allah’s words “That every soul will taste death”. This death you are fleeing from you will meet it, and then you are going to be returned to the One who knows the seen and unseen world. We live in an anti-death culture. People get deluded into thinking if they are young, healthy, etc they won’t die. If you mention death, you are called morbid. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) passed by a laughing gathering and remarked “Mix your gathering with rememberance of the destroyer of all pleasures”. Reflections on death brings sobriety to frivolous conversations and gatherings.

Don’t be in the Majalis of gafla “No hour in this life will you regret except the hour that you spent not remembering Allah”. A hadith.

“Anyone who gets up from a gathering without remembering Allah is one who gets up from a dead carcass”. Another hadith. As humans we are inclined to intimacy/socialising, and also we are created to worship Allah subhanahu wa t’ala, so we should mix our gatherings with Ibadah, and things of Importance to our Akhirah. Be content with what Allah has decreed for you. If you are in a state of death acceptance it won’t bother you. “We are all on death row we are just waiting for the executioner to come”. The one who condemened you to death, is the very one that gave you life.

Death should be a celebration for the Mu’umin. Sh. Ibn Al Habib said” in death there lies a thousand repose”. As long as you are here, each cell in your body is exposed to pain, etc the minute you die its over. Death for a Mu’umin is like being bumped from third class to first class. For believers we are only allowed three days of mourning. The worst thing about this country is the industry of mourning, people who don’t let go…end up in therapy, medication, etc. If your beloved dies, the believer knows it is the Qadar of Allah subhanahu wa t’ala. No people can deal with death with as much strength as Muslims. It is the divine connection.

Maurice Baucaille a French doctor said one of the things that interested him in Islam was seeing how the Algerians faced death in France, compared to the French. There are people who literally don’t know how to die. A devout Muslim practices for death all his life. When it comes he is ready for it. Sh. Uthman Bashir Uthman, was in his early eighties. He grew up in Eritrea and a Sheikh saw him when he was young and told him “You will flee from this country because of fitna, and Allah will open the doors of Madina for you, where you live and die, and will be buried in Jannah Baqeea.” At that time he thought the Sh. was being nice…This is an example of Kashf where Allah gives certain people an openingto see things.

Sh. Uthman ended up in Madina, just like the man told him. He became sick with cancer and was being treated in Jeddah. One night, against Doctor’s orders, he left to go back to Madina with his son. All the way there he recited the Kalimah. He died shortly after dawn, and was prayed upon the Rasul’s Masjid after Jummah (he was the only Janaza that day). When they went to bury him, they found a spot near Sh. Malik Al Nafiwhich was already dug up. And they buried him there.

There’s a story of Fareedudeen Al Ataar who used to sell perfume. A beggar came to him and asked him for money. Al Attar told him to get a job. The beggar told him “the most important thing you’ll ever do is die and I know how to die”. He immediately said the Kalima and died! Al Attar made Tawbah and lead a righteous life after that.

It is a blessing to do dhikr of death. Think about dying, being washed, the angels, resurrection. If someone doesn’t like death because he feels unprepared to meet Allah subhanahu wa t’ala, then it is not blameworthy. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said it’s okay not to desire death, for a good person they need time to do more, and for a bad person, they need time to rectify. Dislike of death is at a cellular level. We feel the adrenaline rush that comes in near death situation that helps us save our lives and others. On the other hand, there are some who don’t care what Allah does to them, they are pleased with His decree, this is not blameworthy either. Remember that disliking death will not distance you from it. The one who remembers death much is enobled by 3 things:

1. Qana’a: Contentment. If you really know you will die at anytime you will feel the impetus to enjoy life. “contentment is a treasure that’s inexhaustible.” The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said ”a qanoo; is the only wealthy person. A discontent rich man is in reality poor as to be rich is to be free of want. True wealth is the wealth of the soul. This is an age where so many false needs/wants are put in the heart (the media does a good job at this).

2. Energy in the heart to do more obedience.

3. A state where you’ll hurry to do Tawbah. When you slip, you will be quick to rectify yourself.

The opposite is also true for one who is negligent of death:

1. The person will never be content.
2. They will always do wrong actions.
3. Won’t have remose when they do wrong.



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