Al Hazu’u – Derision or making fun of people

Disease: Al Hazu’u (Derision or making fun of people)

Nowadays we have a whole industry of derision, caricatures, comedians etc. The cure for this is the same as the cure for arrogance as it is a type of kibr. Sayyidna Ali said “Don’t belittle anyone because he may be a Wali of Allah”. Even if you see someone vomiting and drunk you shouldn’t look down upon them because you never know what their seal will be. Umar (radhiallaahu anhu) even when he was bowing to idols was still a beloved of Allah, because it was only a temporary state he was in. “Don’t let one people mock another people lest they should be better than them”. “Don’t curse those who worship other than Allah, because they might curse Allah”. e.g burning a U.S/Israeli flag, this might incite them to burn the Quran or a Saudi flag (With la illah Illa Allah written on it).

When the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) went into Makkah he walked in with his head bowed down, humbly. It’s Mustahhab to make dua for your enemies to guidance, (it’s not wajib), you can curse them too. But remember they are still humans and can be Muslim. Hind at the liver of Hamza (radhiallaahu anhu), it doesn’t get any more barbaric than that! And she was still guided to Islam later on. Even Wahsh the man that killed Hamza became Muslim. People do things in war and they end up paying for it for the rest of their lives. More soldiers committed suicide later, than died in the Vietnam war! There is duas in the Quran cursing the oppressors, liars, etc. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said “One might read the Quran and it may be cursing him”. Know that one’s purpose to deride others is to humiliate them, and yet he is humiliating himself before Allah. He will be repayed by ignorance.


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