Al Baghyu – Harming creation when there is no just cause

Disease: Al Baghyu (Harming creation when there is no just cause)

This is a deep and wretched disease.. Baghi is a root word for prostitution in arabic. Bagha means to desire. The root of oppression is desire. According to Buddhists the fundamental disease is desire. “Your oppression is against your own selves” (10:23). Root of it, is love of position. We should contemplate on how many an amir dies and when he is buried he is the same as everyone else around him? Know that this desire is an inclination toward the servants of Allah, taking you away from Him.

You will be worn out trying to kiss up to people, and you will still have enemies. People are selfish in nature.The concern with other’s affection leads to hypocrisy, riyaa, manipulation, not only that, don’t expect the pleasure of Allah, if you are seeking the pleasure of others. Honour people according to their level of knowledge and taqwa.


The one whose heart is encrusted with the love of this dunya his treatment is certainty. Thus place death in front of your eyes to cleanse the heart. Once Aisha (radhiallaahu anha) was asked what was the most wonderous thing about the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)? She said “Everything about him was wonderous!” She continued “When the night came and everyone went to be with their lover, he went to be with Allah subhanahu wa t’ala (his beloved)”. Death is close and dunya is nothing compared to the akhirah. Death could be the next breath, step, etc.

Keep death close to you and you will be living in the present, not regretting over the past or hoping for the future. Everyone is dead except the one who lives in the present moment. The dunya is a bridge so pass over it, and don’t build on it. We should love things that are means to bring us to Allah, which is Wajib, then there is a love which is Mubah (unblameworthy) such as love for your children, wives, etc, there is love that is Makruh and love that is Haram. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) reminded us not to curse the world because Allah subhanahu wa t’ala created it and it is a means to reach Allah. Alam is the world, dunya is the ephermeral aspect of the world. Alam-Aalamah- is the greatest sign of Allah. Anything that is obtained by necessity of life on earth is not considered dunya, even the first wife is not considered dunya (and others if married for reasons of protection, orphanage etc). Someone who earns wealth for Tafakhur/arrogance/show off is despicable.



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