Words of Wisdom from Allah Almightys Most Beloved

Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa ‘aalihi wa Sallam


All Muslims are like the component parts of a foundation, … each strengthens the other. In such a way must Muslims support each other

The right and the left are both ways of error, and the straight path is the middle way

The hearts of all of the children of Adam (peace be upon him) are like a single heart between two of the fingers of the All-Merciful, and the All-merciful twists this heart in whatever way is willed

People are asleep, and when they die, they awake

God surely rejoices more through the repentance of one of the servants of Allah, than any of you rejoice when you find your stray camel in the desert

Surely, your soul has a right against you; your Lord has a right against you; your guest has a right against you, and your wife has a right against you. So, give to each one who possesses a right against you

What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of a human being; to feed the hungry; to help the afflicted; to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the wrongs of the injured

Hell is veiled in delights, and Heaven is veiled in hardships and miseries

Everyone of you is a guardian, and everyone of you shall be questioned about that which you are guarding

Do not give wisdom to other that the people of wisdom for you will be doing the wisdom an injustice, and do not prevent the people of wisdom from obtaining it and, thereby, do them an injustice

This world is a prison for the faithful, but it is a paradise for unbelievers

The best and most superior form of jihad (spiritual struggle) is the Hajj (pilgrimage) which finds acceptance with God

The Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) has said that Satan never feels more dejected, crestfallen and humiliated than on the day of Arafat. [The day of Arafat is one of the rites of Hajj in which the pilgrim, following the example of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), prays to Allah for the forgiveness of sins.]

Guardian angels mind your works. When a work is good, they praise God, and when a work is evil, they ask God to forgive you

When people gather together to remember God (dhikr): the angels surround them; mercy covers them; peace descends on them, and God remembers them among those who are with God

Your most hostile enemy is your soul, enclosed between your two sides

Live in this world as if one were going to live here for a thousand years, and live for the next world as if one were going to die tomorrow

One day, upon returning from a battle with a physical enemy, the Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) turned to his companions and is reported to have said: “We come from the lesser jihad (the physical struggle), and we go to the greater jihad (the struggle with our own nafs or lower soul).”

Take advantage of a good opportunity when the door opens, for you never know when it will close again

The world is the farmland of the hereafter. Whoever plants good in it will harvest joy, and whoever plants evil in it will harvest regret

One’s knowledge calls to be acted upon. If not satisfied, it will depart

A man came to the Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) and exclaimed: “O Messenger of God, I truly love you.” The Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) replied: “Be, then, ready to wear the cloak of poverty.”

People die in the state in which they lived, and they shall be resurrected in the state in which they died.


If a person sets down in Islam a good custom [sunna hasana – ha(h)- sa(h)- na(h)], which is put into practice, that person will have written for oneself the wage of those who put it into practice, while nothing will be diminished from their wages; and, if a person sets down in Islam a bad custom which is put into practice, then this person will have written for one, the load of those who put it into practice, while nothing will be diminished from their loads

The Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) said: “Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning, so good tidings for the strangers.” Someone asked: “Who are the strangers?” He said: “The ones who break away from their people for the sake of Islam.”

Reflect upon all things but reflect not on God’s Essence

Seeking knowledge is an ordinance obligatory upon every Muslim

Generosity is a characteristic of the people of Paradise

Verily God doth not take away knowledge from the hands of Divine servants, but taketh it by taking away the learned, so that when no learned people remain, the ignorant will be placed at the head of affairs. Causes will be submitted to their decision, and they will pass sentence without knowledge, and they will err themselves, and lead others into error

Allah has 300 Attributes, the one who acquires just one of these Attributes for one’s own character will inherit Paradise

Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever hath not kindness, hath not faith


“Can anyone walk through water without getting one’s feet wet?” The companions replied: “No.” The Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him) said: “Such is the condition of those of the world. They are not safe from sins.”

The movements of nafs are more difficult to detect than the movements of a black ant on a smooth rock in the dead of night

There are 71 sects among Jews, and only one of them is correct. There are 72 sects among Christians, and only one of them is correct. There are 73 sects among Muslims, and only one of them is correct

Do not curse time, for time is one of the Attributes of God

You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not complete your faith until you love one another

Assist any person who is oppressed – whether Muslim or non-Muslim

By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend benevolently out of what you love

If you love your Creator, then love your fellow beings first

No person has believed perfectly until one wishes for one’s brother or sister that which one wishes for oneself

This life is but a tillage for the next, therefore, do good deeds here that you may reap benefits there – for, striving is the ordinance of God, and whatever God hath ordained can be attained only by striving

The root of all prayers is renunciation of the world, and love of the world is the root of all mischief

Deal gently with people and be not harsh; cheer them and do not condemn them

There is no human being who is wounded and yet, forgives the giver of the wound, for whom God will not exalt the injured party’s dignity and dimminish such a person’s faults

Creation is like God’s family, for its sustenance is from Allah. Therefore, the most beloved unto God is the individual who does good to God’s family

Truly, the Qur’an has an outward and an inward dimension, and the latter has its own inward dimension – and so on, up to seven dimensions

Shall I not inform you about a better act than fasting, charity and prayer? — making peace between one another. Enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots

Knowledge is of two kinds: formal knowledge which does not go beyond verbal profession. It is the evidence of God against those people who profess such knowledge, and according to it, God will judge them; and, genuine knowledge, which is deep-rooted in the heart — this is the knowledge which is most useful

The best thing in the Scale on the Day of Judgement will be a beautiful character

One performs the best jihad (spiritual struggle) when one stands up and speaks out against injustice in the face of tyranny and oppression

I swear by God that this world in comparison with the world to come is as though one of you put a finger into the sea … let that person consider what amount of water is brought out of the sea, and what remains

What bond is there between me and the world? I am like a rider on a summer day who takes shelter to rest under the shade of a tree, then goes on his way

The best of alms is that which the right hand giveth and the left hand knoweth not of

There is a polish for everything, which taketh away the rust of that which is polished, and the polish for the heart is the remembrance (zikr) of God

One of the companions said: ” Is not repelling the infidel like this?” Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ” No! Even if one fights until one’s sword is broken.”

Prayer is the sacrifice whereby every believer comes closer to Allah

Prayer is: service; drawing closer, and joining

Accursed is the world and accursed in all that is in world, except the remembrance of God and that which aideth thereto

That person is not a perfect Muslim who eateth one’s fill, yet leaveth one’s neighbours hungry


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