Shah Abdul Hannan – Usul al Fiqh

Mr. Shah Abdul Hannan was born in 1939 in the city of Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He completed his Masters in Political Science in 1961 and joined the civil service of Pakistan in 1963. He held many appointments and retired as the Secretary of the Govt. of Bangladesh in 1998.

At different times he held charges of Social welfare Ministry, Banking Division and Internal Resource Division of the government of Bangladesh. While in civil service, he was involved with establishing the first Islamic bank in Bangladesh. Banking act was amended to facilitate Islamic banking and two more Islamic banks were allowed to function when he was deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank (central bank).

Currently, he is the Chairman of Islamic Economic Research Bureau, Director of the Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd. and adviser to Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT). He was active in Islamic works from his student days. He undertook Arabic courses in Islamic Foundation, Dhaka from 1972-74. He was an ardent student of Islamic Sciences and studied in particular tafsir hadith commentary, usul-al-fiqh, Islamic economic and banking.

He taught Islamic ethics in Asian University of Bangladesh. He also taught Islamic political thought in the course on comparative political system at the same university. He was also involved in planning Islamic University Chittagong and member of the advisory committee there. He is also member of the Darul Ihsan trust which founded Darul Ihsan University. He is now the Chief of Dhaka Campus of Islamic University, Chittagong in Bangladesh.

He has considerable writings on Islamic economics and banking, women, social and cultural issues. he worked with a group of Islamic scholars to produce two volumes of “Economics in Al-Quran” in Bengali. He also worked with a group of Islamic scholars to produce two big volumes on “Codified Islamic Law” in Bengali (together, the volumes have a thousand section and cover all aspects of Islamic law). He taught usul-al-fiqh through internet with the help and assistance of Witness-Pioneer Islamic Organisation.


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Source of Work.


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