The Second Period

The Second Period

  • Compilers of Hadeeth
  • The Written Works of the Second Period
    –   Other Works of the Second Period
    –   Other Books Compiled During this Time

The second period started from about half of the second century Hijrah. During this time a major group of the Successors compiled earlier works in to the form of books.

Compilers of Hadeeth

1.     Muhammad Ibn  Shihaab az- Zuhree (d.124H) (rahimahullaah)

He is considered from amongst the greatest Scholars of Hadeeth of his time. He acquired knowledge from great people amongst the Companions (radi-Allaahu ‘anhum ajma’een):

  • Abdullaah Ibn  Umar (radi- Allaahu ‘anhu)
  • Anas Ibn Maalik (radi- Allaahu ‘anhu) and
  • Sahl Ibn  Sa’ad  (radi-Allaahu  ‘anhu)

And from the  Taabi’een:

  • Sa’eed Ibn al-Mussayab (rahimahullaah) and
  • Mahmood Ibn  Rabee’ah (rahimahullaah)

From amongst  his students are:

  • Imaam  al-Awzaa’ee  (rahimahullaah) (d.167H)
  • Imaam Maalik (rahimahullaah) (d.179H) and
  • Sufyaan Ibn  Uyainah (rahimahullaah)  (d.168H)

His students are from amongst the greatest Imaams of Hadeeth.

During the year 101H he was instructed by Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) to gather and compile hadeeth. Apart from this Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) gave guidance to the Governor of Madeenah, Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Amr Ibn Hazm, to write all the ahaadeeth which Umrah bint Abdur Rahmaan and Qaasim Ibn Muhammad had.

Umarah was from the main students of  Aa’ishah (radi- Allaahu ‘anhaa) and Qaasim Ibn

Muhammad her brother. Aa’ishah (radi-Allaahu ‘anhaa) looked after and educated him.[Tahdheeb at-Tahdheeb (7/172) of Ibn Hajr]

When Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) commanded all the responsible people within the Islamic state to gather ahaadeeth, it resulted in books. When they reached the capital Damascus, copies were sent to every corner (i.e. every corner of the Muslim lands).[Tadhkirratul-Huffaadh (1/106) and Mukhtasar Jaami Bayaan al -Ilm (p.38)]

After Imaam az-Zuhree (rahimahullaah) started collecting ahaadeeth, other people of knowledge of his time joined him. The major ones from amongst them include:

2. Abdul Maalik Ibn  Juraij  (rahimahullaah) (d.150H) in Makkah

3. Imaam al-Awzaa’ee  (rahimahullaah) (d.157H) in Shaam (Syria)

4. Mu’ammar Ibn  Raashid (rahimahullaah) (d.153H) in Yemen


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